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Professional Law School Addendum Sample

For law school students who need to write an addendum for their application, you should make it a point to look for a law school addendum sample to get an idea on how it is written. Many are quite clueless on how to create a professionally written addendum that they fail to meet the law school prerequisites. This can affect your chances of getting your application considered for the program. Fortunately, there are plenty of sources of samples especially online but if you want to get your hands on the best samples, don’t hesitate to come to us because our writers can provide you with several choices to use. We can also help you build the best law school application addendum if you need one.

Law School Addendum Sample from the Experts

Here is a brief sample on how to write an addendum to go along with your law school application.

“I would like to explain my multiple LSAT scores in my application. I studied extensively for the test but was surprised on the demands of the examination thus I received a low score during my first take. I scored 80% in the first examination but I decided to take the test a second time around in October and received 88% which is considerably higher than my first performance. I believe that my second grade is a good indicator of my abilities which I think will help me get through your law program.

I hope you consider this letter when reading my application.”

Use this addendum format in case you need some guidance.

Tips to Gain from LSAT Addendum Example

Now that you have an idea on how to explain your side in your addendum based on the sample above, here are a few tips on how to make sure that your letter will meet the demands of the law school application process.

  • Identify the issue in your application. As an applicant, you need to study the prerequisites of the law school to determine whether there is an issue that you need to discuss further.
  • Write your reasons. Once you have identified the issue, jot down your reasons for it.
  • Start with the topic. When writing your addendum, you should always start with the topic or issue that you want to address in your letter. It may be that you have multiple LSAT scores, you have low GPA, or you have acquired a criminal record. State your issue right off the bat.
  • Add details. You should write your explanation in statement format. Don’t go overboard when adding emotions to your writing. As much as possible keep it straight to the point.
  • Review your work. Your addendum may be short but it is important that you don’t miss anything when explaining your side. It’s important that you go over your paper to ensure that there are no errors and that everything is written in a straightforward manner.

Need Help?

Although getting your hands on a law school addendum sample is a good start to writing your own letter, it does pay to have a professional write yours. One reason behind this is that you will have a better letter to present to the school with detailed explanation regarding the issue on hand. If you choose to hire us, you will be assigned a writer who is knowledgeable about your background so that it will be easier for you to discuss details of your work. All that you have to do is place your order with us, pay the fee, and we’ll get started on your addendum.

Choose our law school addendum sample to use it as professional guide for writing your own letter fast!